Have you heard of blockchain technologies and how can they be used for business? Our partner, Cube Chain, is here to explain, how can your business in Malaysia benefit from this new concept.

Here are some important information about Cube Chain’s business models – ASM (AI-Serviced-Messenger) and Cube Chat, both available in Malaysia right now!

ASM – Your company’s call center turned into a blockchain-based AI-type chat-bot

ASM, an AI call center service for enterprises, is a chat-bot type service that combines blockchain technology and AI technology based on the big data of the company. The goal is to provide an optimal, customized response which is provided automatically to customers. Basically, it’s customer service that requires 0 employees to work and thus, causes 0 problems to you as an entrepreneur.

Chat-bot increases customer satisfaction by attending guests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It works more efficient than any phone consultant, and it is more cost-friendly than traditional call centre staff.

How does a chatbot work?

Chat-bot works by automatically responding to questions. Answers are created using an algorithm that analyzes users’ conversation patterns and rules based in historical conversation data and learns the behaviours and answers from there.

Year by year, we have been applying machine learning and deep learning techniques to base technologies to improve the accuracy of chat-bot answers – it’s a constant improvement process, however chat-bots are already in use for example in Korea, where they are widely used, for example in the financial investment industry.

How can this technology be applied for your company?

ASM is especially useful the in communication and customer service fields. Chat-bots are a great help for companies offering products such as deposits, loans, insurance, cards, etc. – customers may get recommendation and guidance on a service or product which suits their needs best.

ASM services with Cube Chain are available to all users on the Cube-On platform, allowing companies to pass coins to their ASM participants – to maintain and upgrade their ASM services.


CubeChat – participants trade directly with each other on chat, without fees and brokers

The core of the Blockchain system relies on eliminating the middleman – whoever he is. And in all of the cases, this means saving and smoother process!

But what BlockChain actually is? Here is a simple explanation:

Multiple blocks of information are processed into a single block by encrypting all the transaction details, transaction summary, and previous transaction block information. And if many such blocks are later connected, they will look like a simple chain (hence “BlockChain”).

If one block of data changes, the previous block of data also changes because of the encryption process. Therefore, to manipulate a block, you have to manipulate previous transaction details, and this manipulation process has to be repeated as you pull down the chain.

Therefore, blockchain is guaranteed to be safe and reliable – even with no intermediary and it is rated safe against hacking threats. P2P nodes participating in Cube Chain can create and distribute all contents, and conduct interpersonal transactions on platforms that do not have an intermediary, which is the core of this blockchain system.


To support brokering, the CubeChat service of CubeOn platform provides a chat room for 5,000 simultaneous users, live broadcasting for the real-time introduction of goods and services, as well as e-wallet, ledger, and escrow for coin trading.

Want to know more? Visit http://cubechain.io/ to discover all the benefits of Cube Chain.





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