Red Dino Ventures was formed to provide e-commerce solutions such as setting up marketplace accounts, managing and retaining seller’s accounts, along with photography and graphic design – all to make it easier for retailers and manufacturers to kick-start their online business.

Throughout the year, we have studied the problems faced by many online sellers. Such examples would be the need to upload multiple seller accounts, the complication of managing different marketplace accounts, inventory management, shipping management and order management. All of this has led to the idea of developing a software platform to solve the aforementioned problems – DinoSync, with main features include integration of multiple marketplaces, integration of multiple website providers, point of sales system (POS), multi-warehouse management, shipping management and business analytics in a single web application.

Along with our initial services, we wish to be the one-stop solution and the market leader among all e-commerce solution providers.

Marketplace Retainer

Many business owners struggle to keep their online marketplaces updated. Some spend too much time updating as well as operating their online marketplace and left their business stagnant.
So why not outsource such repetitive and boring process to a professional firm and re-focus on developing your business instead?

Our services include:

  • Uploading
  • Content Management
  • Content Enhancement
  • Campaign Management
  • Sales Report
  • Business Analysis
  • Graphic Design
  • Photography
  • Website Development


DinoSync is a powerful cloud-based tool that tackles the many problems faced by e-commerce players. DinoSync’s seamless integration allows sellers to synchronize all their products on different platforms (e.g. Lazada, Lelong, 11street, Shopify, etc.). With real-time refresh rates, sellers are able to manage their seller centers inventories and orders from DinoSync.

Furthermore, with add-on features, DinoSync is able to integrate POS systems as well as warehouse management for retailers and wholesalers- effectively providing an Offline-to-Online solution. More info here:

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