At Malaysia Ecommerce Summit, you’ll get to meet new companies and experience innovative services designed specifically to enhance your Ecommerce business. We’d like to introduce some of our very special guests and sponsors to you, before you attend the Summit – so you can plan the time during the event in the most effective way.

Here’s what you should know about Involve Asia, our Gold Sponsor:
Involve Asia

Involve Asia
InvolveAsia is a performance driven company that works together with Ecommerce companies and publishers to run cost-performance campaigns. It pioneered the affiliate marketing model in Southeast Asia in 2014 and have successfully introduced the ground-breaking model to many large and mid-sized companies.

When can you meet Involve Asia?
On 12-13 April, 9:30-18:00 drop by Asia Pacific University in Bukit Jalil to visit their booth and have a chat about their services.

What is affiliate marketing and why would you need it?
Affiliate marketing enables advertisers in the Ecommerce space to optimize their marketing campaigns based on actual sales-results and helps them calculate their return on advertising spend. The model has been well-received because of its flexibility in advertising arrangements as well as partnership setups that it offers in its structure.

How it works:
InvolveAsia pairs Ecommerce marketing with the right kind of publishers by looking at content-fit. Content-fit could come in a broad form of category of product to a more focused-form of the product itself. Publishers that join InvolveAsia’s network are able to work together with brands and advertisers that fit their content and profit from the sales they refer to as a result of those relationships.
The company spends a considerable amount of effort to optimize publisher pages and their fit with the advertiser in hopes that it will result in a self-sustaining ecosystem where advertisers and publishers can work together to achieve each other’s goals.

How to get started:
To get started, InvolveAsia creates affiliate programs for clients by looking at multiple factors surrounding its reach, level of ad spend, products that they sell, and recommend the best affiliate program structure to fit that client. To make those campaigns succeed, InvolveAsia’s publisher outreach focuses on relevancy in content and page strength and scores to ensure that those campaigns reach out to the desired segment audience of the advertiser.



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