The most hands-on Ecommerce event in Malaysia in 2018 is almost there!

So you’ve probably purchased your All-Access Pass by now and are eagerly waiting for the Summit to start (if you haven’t, get the Pass here). But there’s still some time untill 12 April, so just to keep your excitement going, here are the 5 things you can’t miss out on:

1. Meeting hundreds of fellow SME entrepreneurs
With over 300 participants expected at the event, get ready to shake many hands and hear lots of stories. Who knows, you might get inspired by someone who you’ll meet at the tea break table!

2. Getting ready to automate your business
Walk around and see what’s there in the main hall. Visit the booths at the Ecommerce Expo, right outside of the Summit’s auditorium – you might get to know new tools and services that may potentially save your business’ time and money. Oh, and be on the lookout for vouchers and discounts!

3. Writing down the best tips and strategies from the Experts
Get ready – you will be flooded with great examples of strategies and ways to deal with Ecommerce bottlenecks. Our speakers are going to reveal some of their favourite strategies, so keep your Evernote or pen and paper close to you.

4. Asking the questions that have been in your head for a while
-How did Groupon transition so smoothly into Fave? How did iPay88 become such a strong player on the market? And how to request for a government grant for my business?
Don’t Google these questions. Just come to the Summit and ask the speakers yourself! (Btw, Google will be there too!)

5. Getting ready for the new chapter in your business journey
If there could be one thing to keep in mind for the Summit, it would be: keep an open mind. You might have a small enterprise catering to Malaysian market, but who knows what future brings? Take notes on how to expand your business overseas, how to apply for a government grant and what DFTZ means. Who knows, maybe you’ll decide to go for some of the opportunities that you’ll hear about at the Summit?

See you there at Malaysia Ecommerce Summit 2018!



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